RadioLand August 2017

2017 Community Media Conference. Denver, CO. July 17-19

KBBF RadioLand By Serena Makofsky August 2017   NFCB Conference KBBF is rising to the challenge to navigate audiences through these difficult political times. As part of the station’s goal to connect with the community and represent it well, Alicia Sánchez, Andre Andrus, and Alan Bloom attended the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) conference…

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RadioLand February 2017

Rear view of car with "KBBF 891" license plate

By Judy Elliot COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT FAIR AND VOLUNTEERING On January 29th, KBBF was 1 of 103 activist and service organizations participating at the North Bay Community Engagement Fair at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds. Of the 1000’s of people in attendance, many eagerly signed up to volunteer at the station. All have since come in to…

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Radioland October 2016

KBBF Financial Literacy Workshops in November: Did you know, that according to a study produced by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, only 12% of college-educated Latinos have advanced financial knowledge and only 32 % demonstrate basic financial literacy? In fact, the percentage points were lower among Latinos than any other ethnic group. As we…

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