Here is a link to information about the Secure-Communities program of Immigration authorities:

Derechos de inmigrantes / Immigrant rights:
En espanol: derechos_de_inmigrantes-2017 Immigrant_rights-2017
In English:  Immigrant_rights-2017


Abogados y otros recursos:


Lista de abogados de inmigración:


Response of Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors
Deportation Numbers
Press Release
Resolution by Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors


ACLU report on Costs and Consequences of current Immigration policies
Tus Derechos Ante La Policia / Your Rights and the Police - a YouTube video provided by the ACLU
Final Settlement with Sonoma County Sheriff's office

California Human Development

Expert help at low or no cost to you / ayuda profesional a bajo o sin costo para usted


Vital Immigrant Defense Advocacy and Services

Nuestra Misión

Servir, capacitar y educar a los inmigrantes proporcionándoles servicios legales de inmigración de calidad a bajo costo y promovemos la acción comunitaria.

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