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Kaiya Kramer

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The Queer Life is dedicated to providing articles, news, and entertainment that are relevant to an all-inclusive community of queer individuals.

The Queer Life is amplifying the voices of otherwise under-represented minorities:  bisexuals, women, gays, lesbians, people of color, poor, trans*, polyamorous, and those with otherwise radical existences that challenge the status quo.

For whom?

All media created by The Queer Life is intended for all audiences which include those in the LGBTQQI community and the cisgender/straight identifying community. While it’s important for us to present information accurately and honestly, we try to appeal to all audiences without being didactic.

By whom?

Contributors can be from any background and all kinds of media are accepted (video, fiction, poetry, news, audio, photo, etc). We try to represent as many walks of life as possible, but if we’re out of line or you have criticism we gladly accept any comments or questions (refer to our contact page).

Kaiya Kramer

unnamed2Host of the The Queer Life radio show which is syndicated all over the San Francisco Bay area. Kaiya does public speaking, activism, web design, and studies programming. She is a transsexual woman living in Sonoma County with aspirations to bridge understanding between the cis and trans community (photo by Jeffery Newbury).